Join tenor, Philip Sheffield and pianist/composer and magician Tim Sutton for an evening of unusual music making and magic!!

Philip Sheffield

Tim Sutton

What to expect;

An evening of Neapolitan song and magic.

The remit is simple: Philip wants to sing Italian songs and arias….. but Tim wants to do magic tricks and is determined to take over.

The programme can be from 20 minutes to one hour in length and is suitable for many occasions!!

The evening starts with Philip singing a classic Neapolitan song such as “O sole mio”. He thinks that Tim is just the pianist and not important to the show. However Tim has other ideas. You see….Tim is also a magician and he constantly undermines Philip’s performance with magical moments. Will he take over? Who will win the battle to be the dominant performer?


  • Let us Serenade you on a gondola floating along the canals of Venice to enjoy the wonderful romantic music of Italian song and opera. Hear the lighthearted and touching “O sole mio”“Catari”“santa Lucia” as well as more passionate operatic outbursts such as “Vesti La Giubba”
  • But with a difference
  • Pianist Tim Sutton wants to do his signature magic trick
  • Philip won’t let him
  • Cue Tim to undermine and tease his way  into giving the public what they really want – “The Magical Rings of Mongolia”

Programmes of any length available and fully adaptable to the client’s needs.


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